3-in-1 Analog Multi-effects Pedal
Triple Threat, a collaborative creation between Donner and Third Man Hardware, is an analog multi-effects pedal designed by Third Man Hardware and manufactured by Donner.
With three effects - DISTORTION, PHASER and ECHO combined into one metal enclosure, the Triple Threat delivers starightforward simplicity, unique analog sounds and versatile utility for all beginner and advanced musicians on the go.
With three effects -
A wide-range high gain distortion, with volume, gain, and tone controls to create a threatening rock sound.
The PHASER in the Triple Threat is what lends the pedal its versatile utility. It not only allows you to achieve the Van Halen phase vibe, but also delivers a classic Alabama and Waylon sound.
Inspired by Donner's classic Yellow Fall, the ECHO on the Triple Threat has been upgraded and the analog circuits have been tuned to White's specifications. It maintains a simple operation - no tap, but three responsive knobs, and is has a warm, haunting character.
It has been my hope for a while to make an affordable pedal for begining musicians. When I approached Donner they knew what I was aiming for and we were able to make something very cool that was also not going to break the bank for a begining musician. I spent a good deal of time thinking about what 3 effects would be interesting together and also something that Donner nor Third Man Hardware had already done before. Three in one, you can't be that, it's a Triple Threat!
- Jack White, founder of Third Man Hardware.
The Triple Threat will be launched in two versions: one of which will be a limited edition variant in yellow, exclusively available at Third Man's Reverb store. The second variation will be the standard black.
Two Versions of Triple Threat
Limited Edition
Standard Edition
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