Bloom The Melody Immersively
Never Been
Easier to play the Guitar
A Small Body with a Big Resonance
Although HUSH-I is as light as a laptop, its original wood body pickups greatly produce the resonance with a warm and full sound you could never imagine.
Headless Design and Bottom Tuners
The traditional headstock is easily hit by accident, resulting in out-of-tune or even damage.
HUSH-I switches the tuners to the bottom of the body, which keeps the guitar from slipping out of tune.
Removable Upper and Lower Frames
You can still install the ergonomic upper and lower frames to convert HUSH-I into a traditionally shaped guitar, allowing you to switch between different usage scenarios freely.
Hidden Tuning Keys
With a hidden storage, anti-drop magnet design, HUSH-I will be equipped with the neck and tuning key. This design ensures you won’t lose this small but important accessory.
The Best Choice for Long Practice Sessions
Plug and play with long battery life
HUSH-I is equipped with a headphone output, MP3 output, and 6.35 port output allowing you to perform on stage or practice quietly at home. The pickup has a built-in lithium battery providing 50 hours of usage with earphones or one month with guitar amplifier. The ultra-long-lasting battery life means you don't have to worry about running out of battery during the performance.

Usage with earphone


Usage with guitar amplifier

Asymmetrical guitar neck
The asymmetrical guitar neck of HUSH-I can satisfy both beginners and guitar virtuosos. The gradual neck curvature can help players to perform better in higher and lower neck position; furthermore, it helps reduce wrist fatigue even with long practice hours.
Its Perfect Details Make you Even More Fond of it
Activate the phase button
Acoustic guitars are prone to feedback due to the excessive gain of external equipment (large speakers or PA systems), the anti-phase button on HUSH-I inverts the output signal by 180 degrees, eliminating feedback and allowing the guitar to purer sound.
Volume and tone buttons
With the 2-stage EQ and Volume knobs, you can fine-tune your desired tone any way you want.
Whether strumming chords for your singer or playing a dedicated guitar solo!
Rounded frets
Our customized round frets prevent finger cuts during practice and are very beginner-friendly
2 in 1 Guitar Strap
HUSH-I comes with a 2 in 1 guitar strap that works on both guitar and bag, and the quick release buckle keeps the strap from falling off.