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The Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Period Once the goods are received and the receipt is signed by the customer, the warranty period will begin. The actual warranty periods for different categories are as follows:

CategoryProductWarranty Period (Except Europe)Warranty Period (Europe)
Stringed instrumentsAcoustic guitar12 months24 months
Electric guitar12 months24 months
Electric bass 12 months24 months
Ukulele 12 months24 months
Mandolin12 months24 months
Banjo12 months24 months
Violin12 months24 months
Lyre12 months24 months
Wind instrumentsTrumpet12 months24 months
Trombone12 months24 months
Cornet12 months24 months
French horn12 months24 months
Tenor horn12 months24 months
Baritone12 months24 months
Euphonium12 months24 months
Tuba12 months24 months
Soprano saxophone12 months24 months
Alto saxophone12 months24 months
Tenor saxophone12 months24 months
Saxophone12 months24 months
Flute12 months24 months
Piccolo12 months24 months
Percussion instrumentsAcoustic drum set12 months24 months
Electronic drums12 months24 months
Keyboard instrumentsDigital piano12 months24 months
Electronic organ12 months24 months
MIDI12 months24 months
Synthesizer12 months24 months
Audio equipmentSpeaker12 months24 months
Amplifier12 months24 months
Record player12 months24 months
I nterface12 months24 months

2. Exclusions (The warranty does not cover the following):

1) Products with serial numbers that have been torn off, altered, or made unreadable.

2) Damage caused by transportation and handling, including scratches, dents, debris, and any damage to the product's appearance.

3) Damage or failure caused by abnormal current, voltage fluctuations, or surges.

4) This product is used for purposes beyond the scope of design use.

5) Damage or failure caused by non-Donner products or equipment.

6) Accidents, misuse, abuse, negligence, fires, water, lightning, or other natural occurrences.

7) Damage caused by sweating, corrosive air, or other external factors (such as extreme temperatures or humidity).

8) Costs incurred during product repair for removing trim, cabinets, shelves, etc., which are not originally part of the product when manufactured.

9) Costs for repairing or replacing batteries, light bulbs, guitar strings, and other consumables or decorative parts.

10) Additional fees, including but not limited to any after-hours, weekend, or holiday service calls, tolls, ferry fees, or mileage fees for remote services.

11) Damage or failure resulting from improper installation, modification, or alteration of the product.

12) Damage or failure caused by parts, supplies, accessories, or equipment that do not belong to Donner or are not authorized by Donner, as well as services provided by service companies which are not authorized by Donner.

3. Transportation Fees

1) If the product is within the warranty period and has no damage caused by the user, Donner will be responsible for the $10 (equivalent value in other currencies) as the transportation fee incurred during the repair.

2) If the product is not during the warranty period, the user will be responsible for the transportation fees incurred during the repair.

3) If the product is within the warranty period, but the product itself has no faults, the customer will be responsible for the transportation fees incurred during the repair.

4. Return and Exchange Policy

1) For products purchased from third-party online sales platforms, the return and exchange shall be handled in accordance with the return and exchange policy of the respective platform.

2) For products not purchased from third-party online sales platforms, if the appearance is intact and the packaging is undamaged, they can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase for any reason.

3) For products that qualify for return and exchange, users can consult Donner's authorized online or offline channels before proceeding. When executing the return and exchange, users need to pack the product in its original packaging, attach the reason for return and exchange, and send it to the designated return and exchange location.

4) For products that exceed 30 days but are still within the warranty period and meet the warranty conditions, if they cannot be repaired at Donner's authorized service network, they can be unconditionally replaced.

5) For products that are not during the warranty period or those that do not meet the warranty conditions, they can be exchanged for new Donner products after deducting depreciation. The user needs to pay the price difference to the service center or designated return and exchange point.

5. Contact Us

If you have any questions about Donner's products or services, please contact the local authorized Donner service provider or contact us via Donner's authorized email. The email address is: service@donnermusic.com