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Donner Music Service Agreement

1. Special Tips

1.1. Welcome to Donner Music. In order to make better use of services and related software of Donner Music (hereinafter referred to as “Donner Music”), you should read and abide by the Donner Music Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this “Agreement”). Please carefully read and fully understand the terms of this Agreement, especially the terms of exemption or limitation of liability, and choose to accept or not accept all the terms. In order to use Donner Music, you should have the corresponding right and capability of purchase. To shop with us,  you must be, and represent and warrant that you are, of legal age (18 years of age or older or otherwise of legal age in your jurisdiction) and able to agree to these Terms.  Any accessing, browsing, or otherwise using the Services indicates your agreement to all the terms and conditions in this Agreement. If you disagree with any part of the Terms, then you should immediately discontinue access or use of the Services. Please read this Agreement carefully before proceeding.

1.2.Unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this Agreement, you have no right to download, install, access or use Donner Music in any way. Your actions of downloading, installing, using, obtaining account number and logging in shall be deemed to indicate that you have read and agreed to be bound by this Agreement.

1.3.You may read Donner Music Privacy Policy at any time to learn about how Donner Music collects, stores and protects your information when you use the service. Donner Music Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated into the terms of this Agreement by reference.

1.4.Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd., with its registered address at Room 7002 and 7003, 7th Floor, Digital Entertainment Industrial Park, the Great Bay Area District, No. 28, Huangpu Park West Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), agrees to provide related Internet-based services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the operating rules issued from time to time.If you need to obtain the Service, you (hereinafter referred to as the “User(s)”) shall agree to all the terms of this Agreement and complete all the registration and application procedures according to the prompts on the page.

1.5.Any act of separating the services provided by Donner Music from the Company by illegal means such as malicious cracking is not the service provided by the Company as stipulated in this Agreement. All consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the perpetrator, and the Company will hold the violator liable according to law.

1.6.As the Company will launch more products and services in the future and the products and services provided to Users are also different, this Agreement is a general service agreement applicable to Donner Music.For specific products and services launched later, the Company will also update or formulate specific user service agreements, so as to more specifically stipulate with Users on the service contents and rules of the Company. The updated or specific user service agreements will form an integral part of this Agreement, and users should also abide by them. If the User disagrees with the revised agreement, please stop logging in and using Donner Music and related services immediately. If the User logs in or continues to use Donner Music and related services, the User will be deemed to have fully read, understood and accepted the updated Agreement and be willing to be bound by the updated Agreement.

2. Scope of this Agreement

2.1.Scope of the applicable subject of the Agreement

This Agreement is an agreement between the Users and the Company on downloading, installing, using and reproducing Donner Music or accessing web pages of Donner Music through computers, mobile phones and other terminal devices and using related services of the Company.

2.2.Relationship of the agreements

The content of this Agreement also includes relevant agreements and business rules that may be continuously issued by the Company. Once officially released, the above content will be an integral part of this Agreement, and Users should also abide by it if they continue to use Donner Music.

3. Service Content and Authorized Scope of Use

3.1.Donner Music provides services according to the actual needs of Users, such as promoting music and musical instrument courses, building and operating online communities, guiding Users for exchange ideas and discussion, and providing such auxiliary tools as metronome and tuner.The Company reserves the right to change, interrupt or terminate part or all of its services at any time.

3.2. Authorized scope of use by Donner Music

(1) Users may use this software through computers, mobile phones and other terminal devices (e.g., mobile applications, web pages and other clients), which is subject to the actual provision of terminals.

(2) All other rights not expressly authorized in this Agreement are owned by the Company.

4. Use Rules

4.1. Account use rules

4.1.1. Users need to register an account before using Donner Music. Users need to provide accurate personal information when registering an account, and any change in personal information needs to be updated in time. The problems caused by inaccurate registration information shall be borne by the Users themselves, and the Company will not be responsible and shall have the right to suspend, terminate or cancel the Users’ account. Users are not allowed to use others’ accounts. Every time a User uses a password or identity certificate, it will be deemed to be authorized to access and use Donner Music in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and the Company has no obligation to investigate the authorization or source to access or use the service.

4.1.2. The ownership of Donner Music account belongs to the Company. After completing the procedures of application and registration, the User only gets the right to use the account, and the right to use only belongs to the initial registrant.At the same time, the initial registrant shall not donate, borrow, rent, transfer or sell the account or otherwise license the non-initial registrant.

4.1.3. If any third party gives instructions to the Company and it is confirmed that the account number and password provided are correct, the User agrees and the Company has the right to regard this behavior as having obtained all authorization from the User, and the result produced by this behavior shall be directly attributed to the User, and the Company shall not bear any liability. Operations and instructions issued by using passwords or identification certificates are deemed to be made by Users themselves. The risks and losses caused by the fraudulent use, embezzlement or illegal use of account, password and other information for reason attributable to the User shall be borne by the User.

4.1.4. The Users shall be responsible for keeping the account number and password, and shall bear all legal liabilities for all activities and events (including but not limited to any content published by the Users and any results arising therefrom) incurred by or through their account number. Users should pay attention to the protection of account number and password. If the account number and password of Users are illegally used by others for reasons not attributable to the Company, the Company will not assume any liability. The said illegal use includes but is not limited to the Users’ arbitrary disclosure of account number and password and all registration information to a third party; multiple people sharing the same account; installing illegal or unknown programs; being hacked and other reasons.

4.1.5. If a User, after successfully registering an account, finds an error in inputting personal information, the User can modify it in the “My Account” section.

4.1.6. If the Company discovers or reasonably believes that the user of an account is not the initial registrant, the Company has the right to suspend or terminate services provided to the registered account and cancel the account without notifying the User.

4.1.7. When registering an account, the User agrees and promises not to engage in the following acts:

(1) Using others’ information to register an account;

(2) Registering an account in the name of another person without the legal authorization of such another person;

(3) Using the same identity authentication information to register multiple accounts;

(4) Stealing others’ accounts;

(5) Using insulting, slandering, pornography, politics and other words that violate the laws, morality, public order and good customs to register an account;

(6) Malicious exploitation of website vulnerabilities through legitimate or improper means for the purpose of illegally occupying Donner Music related service resources;

(7) Other contents that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others.

The Users understand and agree that the Company has the right to prohibit the registration, seal the account number and cancel the account of Users who breach the above terms.

4.1.8.Users have the right to apply to Donner Music for account cancellation. Users can contact the customer service platform to learn of the account cancellation process. After the account is cancelled, Users will no longer be able to log in and use all products and services of Donner Music with such account.Please consider carefully before canceling your account. Once an account is cancelled, it cannot be restored.

4.1.9. After the account is cancelled, all contents, information, data and records of products and services that the User has used through this account will be deleted by the Company, and the User can no longer search, access, obtain, use and retrieve them.

4.1.10. After the account is cancelled, the transaction record of the account will be deleted and cannot be restored; Donner Music no longer provides any service related to this account for this User.

4.1.11. Before the User applies to cancel its account, to reasonably protect the User’s account security and property rights, the User should check and ensure that the account applied for cancellation meets the following conditions, including but not limited to:

(1) The account complying with this Agreement and relevant regulations; and being the User’s own account;

(2) Users strictly following the cancellation process required by the customer service platform;

(3) The account being in a safe state;

(4) All transactions in the account having been handled;

(5) The account not having a contractual relationship with Donner Music nor in the contract performance period;

(6) Other conditions for account cancellation being met.

4.1.12.The User must fully read and understand the above account cancellation contents and confirm that all the conditions set forth in Article 4.1.11 have been met before applying for account cancellation.The customer service platform will review the security status of the User’s account and the User’s use of products and services, and judge whether the User’s account meets the cancellation conditions.

4.1.13.Once the User’s account is cancelled, the relevant user agreements and other documents of rights and obligations signed by the User and the Company will be terminated accordingly. The User is aware and agrees that even if the User’s account is cancelled, it will not relieve the User of relevant responsibilities during the term of the Agreement. 

4.2. Use rules

4.2.1. Users must follow the following rules when using Donner Music:

(1) Comply with relevant local laws and regulations;

(2) Do not use Donner Music for any illegal purpose;

(3) Comply with all network agreements, regulations and procedures related to Donner Music;

(4) Do not use Donner Music to commit any act that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet;

(5) Do not use Donner Music to commit any act that is not conducive to other Users;

(6) Immediately notify the Company when finding any illegal use of User’s accounts or security loopholes of the account;

(7) Do not use plug-ins or other cheating, improper or unfair means to use the services provided by Donner Music;

(8) Obtain or entrust or assist others in obtaining the services, contents and data of Donner Music in any way (including but not limited to any automatic programs, scripts and software such as robot software, spider software and crawler software) and for any reason without the express prior written permission of the Company.

4.2.2. The Company is committed to providing civilized, healthy, standardized and orderly services to Users, and Users should abide by relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. If Users are outside the People’s Republic of China, they should also abide by the laws and regulations of their countries. Users will assume liability for the information released by themselves.

5. Intellectual Property Right

5.1. The Company is the intellectual property right holder of Donner Music. Users have the obligation to respect intellectual property rights and the ownership thereof. All copyright, trademark rights, patent rights, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights of Donner Music, as well as all information related to Donner Music (including but not limited to course videos, courseware, text, pictures, audios, charts, interface design, layout framework, relevant data or electronic documents) are protected by laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and corresponding international treaties, and the Company enjoys the above intellectual property rights. Unless legally authorized by the Company in advance, no one is allowed to use the said intellectual property rights in any form without authorization, otherwise, the Company can immediately stop providing products and services to such User, and hold the User liable according to law to compensate for all losses of the Company.

5.2. Users can use these contents only after obtaining the authorization of the Company and other related right holders, and cannot reproduce and recreate these contents or create derivative products related to the contents without authorization.

5.3. When the User’s original works (including but not limited to pictures, videos, ideas, questions, comments and suggestions) are uploaded, transmitted, input or otherwise provided to Donner Music, it shall be deemed that the User grants the Company the authorization to use its works. The authorization is free of restrictions in terms of geography, time limit and method, and is free of charge.The Company may use such works within the scope of current laws, including but not limited to reproduction, distribution, rental, exhibition, performance, projection, broadcasting, information network transmission, production, adaptation and translation, and compilation, and may sub-license the aforementioned rights to other third parties. All submitted original works will automatically become the sole and exclusive property of the Company, and will not be returned to Users, and Users agree that they will not raise any objection to any use of the works by the Company in the future.

5.4. All the text, pictures, videos, audios and other contents published and uploaded by Users when using Donner Music are original or legally authorized. The information published by Users on Donner Music shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party, and Users shall not upload, publish, modify, disseminate or reproduce any copyright-protected materials, trademarks or proprietary information belonging to others in any way without the prior authorization of relevant right holders.

If the Users do not enjoy copyright or other related rights and interests for the content they have published on Donner Music, which causes economic losses to the Company and its affiliates, the Company and its affiliates shall have the right to claim compensation from the Users.

6. Privacy Protection and Policy

6.1. Protecting Users’ privacy is a basic policy of Donner Music. The Company guarantees not to disclose or provide the User’s application materials and personal information stored by the User when using Donner Music to a third party without the User’s consent, unless:

(1) compliance with legal obligations that the business is subject to;

(2) engaging in public or peer reviewed scientific, historical, or statistical interest

(3) exercise or defence of legal claims.

(4) detecting security incidents, protecting against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, and prosecuting those responsible for that activity;

(5) Other circumstances provided for by laws and regulations.

6.2. When Users use Donner Music and place orders through it, the Users agree to truthfully and accurately provide their email address, mailing address and/or other contact information to the Company. The Users also agree that if necessary, the Company can use such information to contact the Users within the scope of the order.

6.3. Donner Music may cooperate with a third party to provide related services to Users. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility as the Company to protect Users’ privacy, the Users authorize the Company to provide Users’ personal information to the third party. The Company will share Users’ information only for the legitimate, proper, necessary, specific and clear purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, and authorize partners to only access the information required for their performance of duties, and may not use the information for any other purpose.

6.4. Under the premise of not disclosing the Users’ privacy information, the Users agree that the Company may commercially use the Users’ data generated during their use of Donner Music (including but not limited to publishing analysis or otherwise using Users’ data such as Users’ visits, visit time and preferences).

6.5. To understand how the Company collects and uses Users’ personal information, please read Donner Music Privacy Policy carefully.

7. Disclaimers

7.1. The Company makes the following limited warranties for the products and services of Donner Music. The Company only provides relevant products, software or programs and any supporting services in the form of “as it is and including all errors”, and only warrants that:

(1) The products and services provided by Donner Music can basically meet the officially announced requirements;

(2) The related products and services provided by Donner Music are basically consistent with the officially announced service commitments;

(3) Donner Music will try its best to solve any problems encountered in the process of providing products and services only to the reasonable extent commercially permitted.

7.2. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, the Company expressly disclaims any other type of express or implied warranty, including but not limited to any express or implied warranty and liability for the marketability, applicability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, virus-free and error-free of Donner Music.

7.3. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, the Company does not create any security that the products and services provided by Donner Music will meet the requirements of Users and that the products and services provided will not be interrupted. The Company will not create security for the timeliness, safety and error of products and services, and whether the information can be transmitted accurately, timely and smoothly.

7.4. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, the Company shall not be liable for any accidental, indirect, special or consequential damages or requests (including but not limited to damages caused by personal injury, privacy leak, failure to perform any responsibilities including good faith or reasonable care, negligence and any other monetary or other losses) caused by or in any way related to Users’ use of products and services of Donner Music.

7.5. The Company reserves the right to take measures including but not limited to merging servers to optimize the utilization of server resources, and shall not be liable for the loss of Users’ interests caused thereby.

7.6. The opinions and suggestions expressed by Users on Donner Music are their own opinions and do not represent the views of the Company. The Users shall take full responsibility for all the responsibilities caused by their illegal use or breach of this Agreement, which has nothing to do with the Company. In case of loss caused to the Company by the Users’ above behavior, the Company has the right to claim compensation from the Users and immediately stop providing services to the Users.

7.7. Donner Music may contain links to third-party websites that are not owned or controlled by the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any third-party links beyond its control, nor shall it approve or verify the contents, privacy policies or practices of any third-party websites or services. The Company makes no representation or warranty on the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any content posted on Donner Music by anyone other than the Company. The Company strongly recommends that Users carefully read the third-party service agreement and privacy policy before visiting other websites or resources.

7.8. In case of losses of profit, goodwill and data or other tangible or intangible losses caused by the following reasons, the Company will not undertake any direct, indirect, incidental, derivative or punitive damages:

(1) Complete or partial unavailability of Donner Music;

(2) Any products, materials or services purchased or obtained through Donner Music;

(3) Unauthorized use or modification of Users’ data;

(4) Other matters related to Donner Music.

8. Change, Interruption or Termination of Services

8.1. Software update

8.1.1. In order to improve the Users’ experience and service content, the Company will make continuous efforts to develop new services and provide Users with software updates (which may take the form of software replacement, modification, function enhancement, version upgrade, etc.) from time to time.

8.1.2. In order to ensure the safety and functional consistency of Donner Music, the Company has the right to update the software without special notice to Users, or to change or limit some functional effects of the software. After the release of the new version of Donner Music, the old version of the software may be unusable. The Company does not guarantee that the old version of Donner Music will continue to be available and provide corresponding services. Please check and download the latest version at any time.

8.2. For the normal operation of Donner Music, the service system of Donner Music needs to be stopped for maintenance regularly or irregularly, so Users should understand the interruption and stop of normal service caused by such situations, and the Company shall try its best to avoid service interruption and stop or minimize the interruption and stop time.

8.3. Service interruption or termination

8.3.1. In case of any of the following circumstances, the Company has the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of services under this Agreement to Users at any time without notifying Users, and the Company shall not be liable to Users or third parties for any inconvenience or damage caused thereby;

(1) Suspension of service caused by regular inspection or construction, software and hardware update, etc., but the Company will complete the maintenance and update work as soon as possible;

(2) Damage to the server, making it not function normally;

(3) Sudden failure of software and hardware equipment and electronic communication equipment;

(4) Failure of network provider line or other failure;

(5) To safeguard national security or the personal safety of other Users and third parties in case of emergency;

(6) Service breakdown, interruption or loss caused by such force majeure as earthquake and other third-party reasons.

8.3.2. Except for the situations mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the Users agree that the Company has the right to interrupt or terminate part or all of the services by way of announcement and notification on the website one month in advance (if there are special provisions in relevant laws and the laws provide for earlier notification time, such laws shall prevail). The Users have been clearly aware of the granting of the above rights and the direct or indirect loss of interests that may be caused to themselves and other third parties due to the exercise of the above rights. The Users hereby make it clear that the Company will not be held accountable for any possible liabilities arising from the exercise of the above right to unilaterally interrupt or terminate the services.

9. Trading Rules

9.1. Donner Music may provide the function of trading products or services in the subsequent update, and the trading rules stipulated in this Agreement shall apply to the relevant transactions at that time.

9.2. Price and payment. All prices of all products or services provided by Donner Music include VAT applicable to the country where the recipient is located (if applicable), and every effort is made to ensure that the information is correctly input into the system. If the Company is unable to deliver products or services to Users for some reason, the price of undelivered products or services will be returned to the Users’ wallets in their account at Donner Music or returned by the original payment method.

Unless explicitly stated, all prices of commodities or services published in Donner Music do not include freight. The total price of the order is the price of the products ordered by the User plus freight.

The prices of commodities or services published in Donner Music may change at any time, but the change will not affect the orders that the Company has sent for confirmation.

Once the User selects the commodities to be purchased, the next step will be to handle the order and make payment. To this end, the User must follow the purchase process and indicate or verify the information required in each step. In addition, in the whole purchase process, before payment, the User can modify the order details. A detailed description of the purchase process is provided in the shopping guide. In addition, for a registered User, records of all orders will be provided in the “My Account” interface. Users can use the payment method supported by Donner Music to pay for the commodities.

In order to minimize risks, the credit card details of Users will be encrypted. After receiving a User’s order, the Company may require pre-authorization of the User’s credit card to ensure that there is enough fund to complete the transaction. The fee on the User’s credit card will be deducted after the User completes the order.

When Users make payment, they should confirm that the credit card is used by themselves. Credit card must be verified and authorized by the card issuer. If the entity does not authorize payment, the Company will not be responsible for any delay or failure of delivery, and the Company will not be able to sign any contract with Users or deliver any products and services.

9.3. Commodity color. The Company has made every effort to display the colors of products on Donner Music as accurately as possible. However, because the actual color seen by the User depends on such objective factors as the displayer, the Company cannot guarantee that any color displayed by the User’s displayer is accurate.

9.4. Packaging. Unless otherwise specified, the Company will only observe the minimum packaging standard of the transportation mode selected by the Users. All special packing expenses required by Users will be borne by Users themselves.

9.5. Transportation and delivery. In addition to virtual commodities, Donner Music may choose to deliver commodities from different warehouses in different countries. For orders of more than one commodity, the Company may decide to divide the User’s order into several parcels according to the inventory level. The Company’s goal is to deliver the order as soon as possible. However, sometimes during the busy sales period, delivery may take a long time. If Users have any questions about transportation and delivery, please contact the customer service platform of Donner Music. For virtual commodities or services such as courses purchased by Users on Donner Music, the delivery of corresponding commodities or services by the Company to Users through Donner Music is deemed as the Company’s fulfillment of its delivery obligation.

9.6. Customs. According to customs regulations, Users must provide valid and accurate data. All consignee’s name, address and payer’s name shall be valid. Some countries require the consignees to submit their identity document or passport for customs clearance of the package or payment verification. Users are fully responsible for the accuracy of the data they provide to the Company. If any information is incorrect and prevents any shipment or delivery or customs clearance, the Company will not assume any liability and will not provide any compensation under such circumstances. As an importer, the User is responsible for complying with all laws and regulations of their countries. See Donner Music Privacy Policy for more information.

9.7. Loss risks. The delivery by the Company of commodities purchased by Users to the carrier constitutes delivery to the buyer, and the risk of loss or damage thereafter shall be transferred to the buyer. Any claim made by the buyer for damage during transportation or delivery shall be made directly to the carrier. If Users find that there is any shortage or damage of commodities purchased, they must make claim to the carrier within five days after receiving the commodities. At the same time, Users shall inform Donner Music of the relevant situation and attach the original transport document signed by the carrier, and indicate the name of the carrier.

9.8. Return of products. Commodities other than virtual commodities can be returned within the specified time limit. The exact return time limit and policy vary from country to country. Please contact customer service of Donner Music for more information. All freight generated by returning commodities shall be borne by the User.

Commodities with wrong size and quality problems can be exchanged. For defective products, if it is confirmed that the returned products are defective or damaged, the Company will refund the Users in full, including the expenses incurred by Users when delivering and returning the products. The refund will be paid to the Users’ wallet in their account at Donner Music or the original payment method.Return or exchange for virtual commodities, services and some physical commodities is not supported. Users should pay special attention to the information publicized on the pages of commodities or services when choosing to buy.

9.9. Commodity quality. All product descriptions, information and materials displayed in Donner Music are provided “as it is”, and no express or implied guarantee or condition is provided except as provided by law. In this sense, if the User purchases commodities through Donner Music, the Company has the obligation to deliver the commodities in line with the expected transactions of both parties according to the reasonable commercial expectations. If the commodities meet the following conditions, the commodities shall be deemed as meeting the expected transaction:

(1) Complying with the description provided by Donner Music and having the quality displayed on Donner Music;

(2) Being suitable for the usual use of such commodities;

(3) Showing the normal and reasonably expected quality and performance of similar commodities. To the extent permitted by law, the Company excludes all warranties (express or implied) for commodities or services, unless prohibited by law.

10. Liability for Breach of Contract

10.1. If the Company finds that the User has any of the following behaviors, it has the right to take corresponding measures according to the corresponding service agreement or code: including but not limited to freezing, terminating, deleting and canceling the User’s account. The User hereby acknowledges that the Company has the right to take the above measures, and promises not to require the Company to make any compensation or refund for the above measures:

(1) Users providing false registration information;

(2) Users breaching the use rules specified in this Agreement;

(3) User using Donner Music’s products and services by illegal means, improper means or other unfair means;

(4) Acts that harm the legitimate interests of Donner Music;

(5) Acts that seriously harm other Users;

(6) Acts or remarks that violate the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China;

(7) Acts that violate social customs, social morality and general morality and etiquette of the Internet;

(8) Other serious misconduct that hinders or is deemed by the Company to hinder Donner Music from providing products and services. If any account of the same User has any of the above behaviors, the Company has the right to impose sanctions on all accounts of the same User (including but not limited to freezing accounts, deleting accounts, canceling accounts, and terminating services). After deleting or canceling the account registered by the User for the above reasons, the Company will no longer assume any obligations and responsibilities to the User.

10.2. The Users agree to protect and safeguard the interests of Donner Music and other Users. If any User violates relevant laws, regulations or any provisions under this Agreement and causes losses to Donner Music or any other third party, the User agrees to bear the liability for damages caused thereby.

11. Provisions on Minors

11.1. The Company pays attention to the protection of minors’ rights and interests. If the Users are minors, they should read this Agreement under the supervision and guidance of their legal guardians, and use products and services of Donner Music after obtaining the consent of their legal guardians.

11.2. The legal guardians should guide their children to pay attention to the security problems on the Internet, and take preventive measures. Minors’ use of products and services of Donner Music is deemed to have been approved by their legal guardians.

11.3. For the privacy protection of minors, the Company will strictly follow the ways and methods stated in the published Donner Music Privacy Policy.

12. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

12.1. The conclusion, entry into force, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. If this clause is partially invalid due to its conflict with the current laws of the People’s Republic of China, the validity of other parts shall not be affected. The Users agree that the latest version of Donner Music Service Agreement approved by the Users shall prevail when resolving disputes.

12.2. In case of any dispute between the two parties on the content of this Agreement or its implementation, both parties shall try their best to settle it through friendly consultation. If consultation fails, the parties to the dispute agree to submit the dispute to Guangzhou Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with its arbitration rules. The arbitral award is final and legally binding on all parties.

12.3.Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the validity of provisions of applicable laws and jurisdiction shall extend to this Agreement and other Donner Music rules, including their amendments, supplements and updates.

12.4. The Users agree that Guangzhou Arbitration Commission has relevant nationality jurisdiction and territorial jurisdiction, and the Users waive any objection to such jurisdiction or place. If the relevant disputes cannot be resolved through Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, both parties can freely seek any rights or remedies granted by applicable laws.

13. Notice and Service

All notices under this Agreement can be made through important page announcements, e-mails or regular letter transmission. The notice shall be deemed to have been served to the addressee on the date of sending.

14. Miscellaneous

14.1. Users’ acceptance of this Service Agreement shall be deemed as Users’ full understanding and consent to:

(1) Receiving information related to Donner Music sent by the Company from time to time by mail, telephone, text message, mobile terminal, webpage or other legal means;

(2) Receiving order information, product or service information, promotional activities and other contents sent by the Company to Users by mail, telephone, text message, mobile terminal, webpage or other legal means;

(3) The Company protects Users’ right to know and choose in the process of installation or use according to law. When Users use services of the Company, Users’ prior consent shall be obtained for services involving self-contained functions of Users’ equipment. Upon confirmation by Users, the Company has the right to enable the auxiliary functions necessary for providing services, including but not limited to collecting geographical location, reading address book, using camera, and enabling recording. When a User enables any permission, it means that the Company can collect and use relevant information to provide Users with corresponding functions. Once the User closes any permission, it means that the User cancels the authorization, and the Company will no longer continue to collect and use relevant information based on the corresponding permission, nor can it provide Users with the corresponding functions. However, the User’s decision to close the permission will not affect the previous information collection and use based on the User’s authorization.

14.2. This Agreement constitutes an entire agreement between the parties on the matters stipulated in this Agreement and other related matters, and does not confer any other rights on the parties hereto except those stipulated in this Agreement.

14.3. If any provision in this Agreement is totally or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.

15. Contact Us

Users are welcome to ask questions and provide comments on this Agreement and Donner Music Privacy Policy or its provisions. You can go to home page-need help to contact the Company at any time.